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Jennifer Finnegan Pool, is the founder and CEO of Single MOMM in Traverse City, MI as well as an author, national speaker, and consultant. Jennifer has spent the last decade coupling real life experience and her personal story of single motherhood with family life education and trauma care training to serve the single mom population. 

Jennifer leads a collaborative, innovative, and compassionate team, that helps inspire and build strong communities, creates ground-breaking hands-on programming, and ministers to the hearts and needs of single moms. Her team excels at creating safe spaces, engaging individual stories, and then empowering single moms to integrate into everyday life with strength, joy, and confidence. 

She is the creator of The reVIVE Course for single moms. The reVIVE Course is a 13-week program developed to assist single moms in exploring who they are, what has gotten them stuck, and how to take courageous steps forward. Single moms from all walks of life join together to chart bold and new directions for their families. Done in a small group format this course has seen an improvement rate of over 90% in areas ranging from self advocating to emotional intelligence to financial health. With these improvements single moms have increased their employability, quality of life, and emotional wellbeing. These changes have lead to stronger, safer, and happier homes for their children.

Her work in the area of story based mentorship, peer to peer programming, non-profit structuring, and community development has lead her to be recognized as a community leader and national expert. 

She resides in Traverse City, MI with her husband and two children. On her time off you can find her adventuring with her family. To explore her work at and and


reVIVE Course – a 13-week Course – assisting single moms in exploring who they are, what has gotten them stuck, and how to take courageous steps forward

No More Crazy – an organizational litigation tool created to help organize the specifics of your legal needs while telling your story; you can be confident in your story without needing to relive your experiences each time you are asked to tell it.


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